Personal training vs physiotherapy - what's the difference?   
January 12, 2023

In Canada, physiotherapy is a regulated health profession where practitioners work to promote, maintain, or restore health and function. Physiotherapists often provide services in a clinical setting to address pain, illness, or injury. Alternatively, personal trainers provide education and guidance on safe and appropriate physical activity. This service is usually provided in the community setting at gyms, exercise studios, and even through online platforms. 

Most often, personal trainers work with healthy individuals to achieve goals related to improving one or more of the components of fitness. This includes strength, flexibility, endurance, and aerobic capacity. Some personal trainers receive additional education to work with individuals who may have had injuries or may have more complex medical needs. 

Before completing her Master of Science in Physiotherapy, Emily Coolen worked as a certified personal trainer for over 10 years. This has helped her to develop knowledge and experience in motivational interviewing, goal-setting, exercise prescription, and program delivery in her work as a physiotherapist. Through physiotherapy gym sessions, Emily combines her clinical knowledge and her personal training experience to help individuals return to sport, leisure, and occupational activities after illness or injury.

GYM sessions with Emily Coolen, PT, BScKin are billed as physiotherapy.

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